Fleet Wraps by Vinyl Wrap Boston

Vinyl Wrap Boston has perfected the skills that are needed to install custom vinyl wraps for commercial vehicles. We are based in the city of Boston and extend our wrapping services to other parts of the New England region. Our technicians rely on the latest machinery and printers to produce attractive vinyl wraps for commercial fleets that drive around the Boston metropolitan area. From our perspective, vehicle wraps are some of the most cost-effective advertising packages available especially in today's digital era. Businesses could save a lot of money by installing personalized vinyl wraps once on their private fleets. After the installation, the colorful graphics will remain on vehicles for years to come without getting damaged. We reassure our customers that vinyl wraps will withstand the harsh winter conditions that are typical in the Boston area. Snow and ice will not break the strong bond between vinyl wrappings and paint surfaces on vehicles. Additionally, the adhesive vinyl is strong enough to resist deterioration from extreme heat and exposure to ultraviolet rays in the summer season. Vinyl Wrap Boston installs vinyl graphics in multiple sheets that form panoramic or 3D images. For example, a single picture can be continuous from the front bumper to the rear windshield. We could also create the visual effect of realistic depth by applying vinyl graphics on rooftops of commercial fleets.