Vinyl Wrap Boston is skilled at installing vinyl wrapping for all kinds of vehicles. We are based in the city of Boston and provide service to other surrounding communities including Cambridge and Charlestown. In fact, our superior service also attracts customers from all over the New England region. We focus on delivering effective advertising solutions through vinyl displays that can be wrapped around commercial and passenger vehicles. Industrial grade printers at our studios are capable of printing images in high resolution for optimum visibility in various weather conditions. On a sunny day, our vehicle wraps do not cause any glare to the eyes of potential viewers. Additionally, the anti-glare finish on a vinyl car wrap is also designed to reflect UV rays to preserve the graphics. Vinyl Wrap Boston also takes into full consideration the extreme winter conditions that are common in the Boston metropolitan area. Therefore, we seal car wraps firmly to make sure that they do not come off when temperatures drop to freezing levels. Snow and ice will not damage the durable vinyl displays that are strongly bonded directly to vehicle paint and windshields. Our car wraps are designed to stay intact for years even after being exposed to harsh weather. When there is a need to replace the vinyl wraps, our professional technicians gently get the job done with no damage to exterior paint.

Vehicle Wraps by Vinyl Wrap Boston