Vinyl Wrap Boston can help companies in the Boston area to get more recognition through innovative marketing solutions. We could transform an ordinary commercial vehicle into an extraordinary mobile billboard that is guaranteed to turn heads just about anywhere. The ultimate goal of a vinyl vehicle wrap is to inform customers about the products and services that are offered by a given company. We strategically place vinyl letters and numbers onto the most visible parts of a vehicle. For instance, all doors can be covered in customized wraps that include business logos, website URLs and phone numbers. Additionally, rear windshields are also highly visible in heavy traffic conditions. Therefore, vinyl decals on rear windows would be clearly seen by all other drivers that are behind. Our vinyl car wraps are designed to be seen at night. Special reflective layers guarantee that graphics are properly illuminated by external sources of light such as headlamps from other cars. We find just the right balance between making vinyl wraps visible in dark conditions without causing any glare. Some other protective finishes to vehicle wraps include laminated layers that prevent dust, pollen and debris from sticking to the graphics. Additionally, our waterproof vinyl car wraps will not get damaged by heavy rain or high levels of humidity. Electrostatic and magnetized technology is sometimes used to strengthen the bond between vinyl wraps and car paint.

Vehicle Wraps by Vinyl Wrap Boston