Vinyl Wrap Boston

vinyl wrap boston

Corporate & Custom vinyl vehicle wraps for your business or matte, gloss, & chrome car wraps.

Vinyl Vehicle Wraps

Vinyl Wrap Boston offers professional installation of premium vinyl vehicle wraps in the Boston metropolitan area. The company delivers superior service that is based on precise measurements and creative graphic design of durable and attractive wraps for passenger and commercial cars such as coupes, vans, buses, pickup trucks and shuttles.

Fleet Wraps

When it comes to receiving superior services, Vinyl Wrap Boston is by far the best company that is actually available in the entire industry. They have made it a point to only hire the best people to come work for them, and this is how they have been able to build up their reputation over the years.

Vinyl Signs

Vinyl banners and signs are a great way for any business or individual to advertise, and regardless of what they are advertising, Vinyl Wrap Boston always provides superior services compared to their competitors. When it comes to vinyl banners and signs, their staff know how to make the best in the entire industry.

Vehicle Wraps

Vinyl Wrap Boston can install colorful decals directly onto commercial and passenger cars in the Boston metropolitan area of Massachusetts. This company's forte is in applying the latest technology to measure vehicles and then create custom wraps that can be precisely applied onto doors, windows and rooftops. Vinyl Wrap Boston utilizes computer software to design logos and other graphics that are then printed onto vinyl materials. After installation, the vinyl wraps are guaranteed to stick to a vehicle's body and windows for many years. Vinyl Wrap Boston reassures customers that vehicle wraps can withstand freezing conditions common in Boston, MA.

Fleet Wraps

Vinyl Wrap Boston is a company that offers just the right type of marketing solutions for clients in the Boston area of Massachusetts. Fleet wraps are designed to draw attention in the streets and on the highways. Custom vinyl wraps for commercial vehicles are decorated with cool graphics and logos that are related to the business that is being advertised. The fleet decals are much more than just mobile advertisements. In fact, the vinyl wraps can protect the paint finishes that are directly underneath. Strong adhesive materials ensure that the fleet wraps stick to the bodies of commercial cars for years.

Wall Decals and Signs

Vinyl Wrap Boston has the creative vision to print custom wall decals and signs for clients in the city of Boston, MA. Computer software is first used to generate cool images that will ultimately be printed on high quality materials such as vinyl. Vinyl Wrap Boston also applies a finishing touch of lamination to the decals that are exposed to dust, debris and humidity in indoor settings. The back of custom decals usually has strong adhesives to guarantee a tight seal on the walls. At the same time, such decals also come off easily without tearing any original wallpaper or paint.